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Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 1. One week old!

Today was a big day for us! This morning we met with Mias team of doctors who are over seeing her care. It's a pretty big team - about 8 people or so. Everyone from a nutritionist down to a regular pediatric doctor. For the first 10 minutes or so, numbers and huge vocabulary terms were flying around but once that was over, her main Dr. explained everything to us. Yet again he kept reiterating how well she was doing. It never gets old hearing that!

They stopped her feeds yesterday because she was still leaving food in her line but today they started up again.

They did start her on caffeine today too. Her Dr. said that while her apnea is mild considering she brings herself right out it, the caffeine will just make it easier for her.

This morning we also got the clear to start kangaroo care!! kangaroo care is where we hold her bare chested so our boy temperature keeps her warm. We were pretty pumped about this!

The Dr. said his only big goal for her now since she's doing so great is just to put on weight and grow.

After morning rounds were done, Mias nurse began to get things ready for kangaroo care.

Can I just say there is nothing like holding your baby for the first time? I have literally ached not being able to so today was just such a joy. As soon as she laid her on my chest I just wanted to cry. She opened her eyes and looked at Drew and I and all we could do was smile.

Holding your little 30 week miracle is just such a reminder of Gods love and care. Though we didn't know Mia was coming to us so early - it was no surprise to God and he had it all orchestrated out.

Tomorrow Drew will get to hold her and I am
pretty pumped to see Daddy with his baby girl!

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Elizabeth_Gibson said...

Such great news!!! And I don't know if I've ever seen you happier. God is so amazing. <3

Debbie said...

love the pictures and you look so happy. She loves her mommy and wait til daddy gets his hands on her. He will never want to let her go. Love you guys

Vivian said...

Happy mother, snuggly baby = wonderful picture. Our God is good! Warmest congratulations to the Temple family. You are all in my prayers.