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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monday, August 31, 2011

Today we finally met one of Mia's doctors. For days - people have been asking us if we have any questions as far as Mia's care is concerned. What has plagued Drew and I is - what do we ask? We've never been in this situation before so we have no idea the questions we should be asking. Mia's nurse this morning was amazing and patiently went over everything with us, from the tiniest details of her care to the big steps being taken in the next few days. It was great to just have someone sit and explain everything and break it all down for us. It's still a lot to process but we feel better knowing things now.

Yesterday, they moved Mia to what they call a "Wee Care Quiet Zone". Mia is in a smaller NICU room, she is only one of 3 babies in there at the moment. The Quiet Zone is specifically for "micro" preemies (preemies 3lbs and under). We really enjoy her new room. The noise level is cut drastically down, everyone whispers or talks quietly, the lights are dimmed or off most of the day/evening so it doesn't over stimulate them and they are watched a little more closely.

This morning her Dr. went over a few key things with us concerning the princess. She kept emphasizing that she is doing very well and we can't ever hear that enough! I'm not sure about Drew, but for me at times, I feel like I am holding my breath for bad news - I'm not sure how I'll cope with it. There are times I want to cry from hearing good news.

Mia is doing very well breathing on her own with just the nose valve of oxygen. The saturation is low and she seems to be doing ok. She does have a few episodes where she does forget to breathe and our Dr. this morning assured us that was completely normal given her gestational age. She told us that if it continues, then in the next few days she will probably be receiving some caffeine to help her out. They don't want her to wear herself out and caffeine will help her not have to work as hard to get those breathes in.

They also mentioned to us today that she will probably/ more then likely have to have a blood transfusion. I did freak out over this a bit but yet again, her Dr. assured us this was normal for her age as well. Given she was 10 weeks early, her body doesn't produce the right amount of blood yet so a transfusion will help that out and help 'meaten' her up some.

She was still under the lights today for her bilrubin level. They weren't horribly high, just a little and they were keeping her under the lights today just as a precaution. They don't want to have to keep putting her on and off the lights if they don't have to.

They were feeding her 4ml every 6 hours and she seemed to be doing ok digesting it all until her late feeding last night. She had some gas and such with the last 4ml feeding so for the next few days she'll be getting 2ml every 6 hours and then they'll slowly try to increase it again.

Tonight she lost her umbilical line! Yeah! They called us this afternoon for verbal consent to put a picc line in her. This line remains in for awhile and it's easier for them to get blood, etc for labs. Removing that umbilical line and putting in the picc line means that within the next few days, Drew and I can start Kangaroo Care ( skin to skin contact) with her. We are SO excited about this! Just Drew and I will be able to hold her against our bare chest and let our body temperature regulate hers.

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for this. It's so hard to just touch your baby when all you want to do is pick them up and hold them close to you. That's been one of the hardest parts is just not being able to hold her. Makes you literally ache.

They did an xray of her chest and heart and what they saw was good. She has a good, healthy heart with no murmurs.

Those were all the updates we got today. It was a lot to process but we feel so much better knowing things now and while we're still a bit unsure of what to ask - we know she's in the best of care and they'll tell us anything we want to know.

I know I keep saying it and I probably will never tire of saying it but Drew and I are just so incredibly thankful for ya'll. The prayers, texts, facebook messages, etc mean the world to us. We are touched that so many people care about us and Mia.


Debbie said...

I continually pray for you and that little miracle princess. I believe God has great things in store for this little lady and her parents. I can't wait to meet her and see you guys. We love you all so much.

jennyrmccoy said...

I'm eager to read your blog everyday so I can follow Mia's progress!! She is so beautiful Cherry!! I know what it's like to leave the hospital without your baby girl in your arms.....I feel your pain and ache....I pray for you, Drew and Mia several times a day!! Stay strong and I'm excited to hear about the first time you get to hold her against your skin!!