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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Monday, August 30

Today has been a good day! I spent the morning / afternoon by myself and I was a little apprehensive about that this morning. Drew drove home to take care of some stuff at the DHHR and to turn in my leave of absence paper work at my job. I wasn't ready to make the drive yet and we wanted one of us here with Mia. After he left this morning, I kind of felt scared. I hadn't been by myself in over a week and I wasn't sure if my body was up for functioning by itself without any help. It took me a little longer then normal to get up and moving but once I had my pain medication in and working, it got easier.

I hadn't pumped since last night so I was eager to get to Mia this morning, spend that time with her and then pump next to her bedside. I seem to produce more milk when I do that so I think it is a trend we are going to try to keep up with. Her nurse filled me in on her night as soon as I got there. I always hold my breath for a good report. some key note things were:

- they upped her feedings because she can hold more and go longer without food now. if i pump enough, they no longer have to give her formula mixed with breast milk. as long as i continue pumping, breast milk will be all she receives which is awesome

- she moved to a different nicu room tonight. it's smaller, she's one of 3 babies and we just felt more comfortable back there this afternoon. she's getting the best one on one care possible.

- she was under the jaundice lamp today. her nurse said her bilrubin level was just a tad high this morning so she would be under the lamp all day

- she now weighs in at 2lbs 3.8 ounces!

- she had a bath and loved it

- she is now getting a pacifier and we are told she just loves it

hopefully tomorrow morning when we go back we'll hear more good news! keep those prayers and such coming - we cherish each and every one!


Arlene said...

Cherry, I am so happy to hear things are coming along so well. I look forward to reading about Mia and how she and you are doing. My love to you, Drew and Mia. Thinking of you often. Arlene

Jeanette L. Pavlik said...

Glad my Peanut is doing so well! Hopefully you can take her home soon! :) Love all three of you and I can't wait to come visit!