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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The weekends are a bit slower at the hospital. Rounds are made later and things just seem to slow down a little bit, which is nice.

We got to talk with Mia's Dr. this afternoon and he told us things are yet again, staying the same with her for the day. She's tolerating her 2ml every 3hr feeds just fine and the caffeine is helping with her slight apnea. He said that while he didn't really have anything new to tell us, that that in itself was good. He said boring news is great because that means that right now, her only big job is to grow. Bring on the boring news then if that's the case! We'll take it!

I asked to speak with a lactation specialist this morning as well. Staying somewhere like the Ronald McDonald house, it's hard to feel confident in the milk you're producing. I was fine and really ok with what I was pumping until I went to put a bottle into the freezer and there were 2 bottles another mother had pumped full while mine was only about 20ml. This set me into a bit of a bad mood. I came back to the room and Drew took one look at me and I just broke down. How come that mom could produce so much when I was happy before getting about a little over an ounce a day when it's all said and done. I felt like I was failing. That pumping is the one thing I can do for her right now and what if I'm not able to pump enough and why aren't I filling up bottles?

The lactation specialist and the 2 friends I had texted as well with my concerns were great. They all assured me what I was producing was fine. That Mia was so little and only getting those 2ml every 3 hours that my 20 in one sitting was enough t give her 10 feedings so imagine what a little over an ounce a day will do for her. It helped to hear it from other people, especially breast feeding Moms and the lactation specialist. Drew had also told me the same thing and while I know I should listen to my husband, I just felt better asking another woman ,or women in this case. I know it's hard for him when I get so upset over something like that and he tries his hardest to help me calm down. I love him all the more for it. God definitely blessed me with an awesome husband. So thank you to Sarah and Holli who were awesome with uplifting words and helpful ideas!

Tonight was Mommy and Mia time. Daddy read from our Kindle while Mommy and Mia just rocked and snuggled. It's so nice to just hold her against me and just smell her and hold her close. She was pretty sleepy but she tried to stay awake, just didn't really happen for long. That's ok though, sleepy snuggles are best.

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