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Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Labor Day! It was cold and rainy here and Mia took full advantage and slept most of her day away. What better thing to do when it rains, right?

Mia was doing well when we made it over to see her this morning. We missed rounds but her nurse assured us she was good. Her heart rate was a little high this morning so they are going to monitor that, but when we went back this evening, it had gone back down to normal. Prays that it stays where it has which is anywhere from 140 - 156. It varies for her but normally stays somewhere in that range.

Other then that - she really had a great day. Mommy got to cuddle with her girl on this rainy day because Daddy feels a bit under the weather and he doesn't wanna take the chance of her getting sick. We got him some medicine tonight but pray he starts to feel better soon. Now's not a good time to get sick.

Katie and her Mom came to visit our little lady today! Katie's Mom has been like my other Mom for so long so it was only fitting she came to see her 'grand baby'. I'm pretty sure she's in love now too. Of course - we can't blame her. Mia is pretty loveable!

They took us out to dinner and it was so nice to just sit and relax and talk and feel 'normal'? We have sort of adapted a routine here but it was nice to just get away from the hospital and visit with dear friends. So thanks Katie and Debbie - we really appreciated it!

Drew ran back to the hospital at around 9 tonight to get the bottles and stuff for pumping that I had left here from earlier. When he went back, he spoke to the night nurse some and she told us that tomorrow night is bath night and invited us to come help bathe Mia!

She also told Drew that they weighed Mia again tonight. Our little chunkster gained more weight. She's now at 2lbs 6.8oz. She hasn't left any food in her line and she's tolerating her feeds well so they are increasing her feeds from 3ml every 3 hours to 3ml every 2 hours. Means this Momma has to get more pumping in!

Tomorrow the grandparents are coming and hopefully Mia will be awake but if it's another rainy day, the chances of that look slim!

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