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Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 7th and 8, 2011

Yesterday was a busy day. We stopped by to see Mia for a few and then we were Martinsburg bound once we saw and heard she was doing fine. I had a follow up appointment with my Midwife for my c section. Why WVU couldn't just let me schedule an appointment with one of their OB's, I'm not sure but never the less, we drove the 2 1/2hrs.

My appointment went well. I lost 22lbs, 16 of that was fluid put on by the pre clampsia. My blood pressure was almost back down to what it normally is as well. My incision from my c section is healing well. I'm still in a little bit of pain but I can normally manage it with ibuprofen. I also found out the bit of depression I've been feeling is not post pardum or baby blues but post traumatic stress syndrome. It's very common in emergency c sections and early deliveries with preemies. It was pretty comforting to know I wasn't just going crazy or anything - it was completely normal what I was feeling. She also commended me for breast feeding ( well, pumping ) with a preemie. Apparently, it's very rare and not alot of Mom's of preemies do it.

After stopping by work to turn in my FMLA papers, we headed back to Morgantown. We spent some time with Mia then headed back to the Ronald McDonald House to sleep.


Today "Auntie" Michelle came to see Mia again! I've been very blessed with some of the best co workers a girl could ask for in Hagerstown and Michelle is definitely one of them. She made cookies for Mia's nurses, the people at the Ronald McDonald house and some for us. We went and had lunch at CiCis and it was just nice to get away for a few hours and talk.

This evening we went back to see Mia. They had planned on upping her feedings tonight at 11 to 8mls every 2 hours but after the 7, she started getting a little distention in her stomach. Her nurse told us she had an 'enormous' bowel movement. They did an x ray after to just see how her bowels looked and they were clean and so was her stomach. They held off on her 11pm feeding so she could just settle her stomach back down and relax a bit.

Her oxygen was also raised to 39% this evening from her normal 30%. Doing so has taken her heart rate back down to normal to the 150's and kept it from going up to the 170's. They are going to slowly lower it back down tomorrow and see how she does. So pray that when it's lowered, she does well and maintains her normal heart rate.

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