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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Today has been a better day all around. Thanks to everyone's prayers - they were felt and very much appreciated.

Today, Mia was started on her erythromycin. They also started her feeds back up slowly. She's starting off at 2mls every 4hrs to see how well she tolerates and how her stomach looks. So please be in prayer that the medicine does what it's supposed to so she can get back to gaining on her feeds.

I walked in this morning and the nurses were all laughing at her. Apparently, every morning around 5am, she starts waking up and doing these crazy leg kicks. Sometimes they're straight out, sometimes she kicks 'em straight up in the air and leaves em there for awhile. Her nurse commented this morning she's just getting her morning calisthenics in.

I've been having trouble sleeping with getting up to pump every few hours so this morning I let myself "sleep in" till 830. I missed rounds but it's ok. We knew this morning at rounds the most they would do was give the ok to start the drug and that was actually about it.

Tonight - Daddy got to hold is girl all bundled up. She's right on the border with her weight with being held strictly kangaroo or kangaroo and bundled. Her nurse tonight let Drew hold her bundled and she did great maintaining her own temp all by herself!

We noticed today, she's starting to get her eyebrows and her eyelashes and she's stating to lose the hair all over her body. It's so funny - a baby at full term has, well, everything and someone born at 29 weeks like Mia, wasn't done fully developing yet so it's been very neat to watch certain things come into play over the last almost 3 weeks.

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