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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday, September 4,2011

What a day! We slept in a little bit today because rounds are made later. We had all intended purposes to get up and over to the hospital earlier but, we didn't get there till around 11. We had to call hospital security to catch a ride because the tailgating in the parking lot had already begun and it was insane. MU tailgating is one thing...WVU tailgating I've learned, is quite another. On our ride over to the hospital, they were already getting calls for people being arrested for DUIs. It was literally insane.

Once inside the hospital though, it was all good. Yet again since it's the weekend, rounds are late and consist of fewer doctors. We got some good news today though. They upped Mia's feed from 2ml every 3 hours to 3ml every 3 hours. And the big news?! She weighed in at 2lbs .8oz on Tuesday evening and last night our little porker weighed in at 2lbs 5oz!! We thought she looked 'beefier' and bigger and we were right!

Today her big goal was to poop. She's had a few smears in her diaper but nothing other then that, until today. Baby girl pooped and it was alot! She also expressed her dislike of getting her diaper changed today. She was most unhappy but Momma and Daddy were pretty pleased.

She also went back under the phototherapy lights today. She was looking a bit jaundice again last night so they put her back under the lights today to straighten her bilrubin levels back out. Also - we are happy to report that she had no apnea spells yesterday either, so the caffeine is working!

Tonight - when we got back to the house, Drew and I sat in the kitchen and just talked with some of the other parents here in the house. We all had a big dinner together and just talked. What Drew and I walked away with was just how lucky and thankful we were that Mia's only real issue was that she was early. We met parents tonight who have babies in the NICU with several heart murmurs, breathing tubes, severe apnea, etc. It just literally broke your heart to it all - it broke mine. Please keep these families in your prayers as much as you keep Mia in your prayers. They have a much harder road ahead of them then we seem to.

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