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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My name is Cherry, and I'm a jealous momma.

There. I said it. Put it out there so ya'll could read it. I am a jealous mom. I'm one of those Mom's who looks at other parents babies and wonder why mine isn't doing what theirs is.

Isn't that horrible of me? I mean, I at least feel horrible doing it. My baby is amazing and awesome and she's such a spunky little bullet and I'm so proud of her so why do I constantly compare her?

I've worked in child care for over 10 years now and I have never once compared a child to another so yet again, why do I do it to my own?

I'm sure if I were to ask, I wouldn't be alone. I'm some one of you have done it a time or two, perhaps not. I could be wrong.

All I know is having a preemie is rough.

Aside from all the time in the NICU, the emotional ups and downs we as parents go through, the battles for weight gain, eating, etc, there's the age factor.

Yes, Mia was born August 25, 11 weeks early. Mia's due date wasn't until November 8

Everything Mia accomplishes developmentally the first year of life is based on her "adjusted" age and not her actual age. This is rough for this momma.

So while all our friends with tiny tots are accomplishing these 6 month milestones, Mia is developing her 3 month one's.

Which by the way, she has hit them all and some 4 month one's as well.

 I do apologize to all those mommas with babies I've watched and wished Mia were doing that. I am trying to do better. I love my little tiny peanut just the way she is - as you love yours and I am working every day and celebrating her mile stones as they come, not wishing they'd come sooner.

Mia Update:

At her 6 month well visit yesterday, her pediatrician assured us she's doing amazing. She was quite proud of her accomplishments.

She is now 11lbs 2oz and 23 inches long. She is 5% in height and weight and 10% in head circumference (39inches). Her Pediatrician says she's growing just fine in her own little small way. She's still gaining and growing at a consistent level ( she hasn't lost weight yet ) and she's perfectly ok with that. We are switching her formula (again! ugh) to Similac Allimentum. She thinks the reason she's getting constipated so much on these past 2 formulas is because she could be allergic to the milk protein. So we are making the switch and if this formula doesn't work and she is still constipated 90% of the time, then we make the final change to soy formula.

 She is such a funny little girl. She loves the men at church. It's quite hilarious. Women could talk to her all day and not a twitch but a man talking to her? Oh she will smile, laugh, charm him through and through.

Her newest thing is eating her hands. All. Day. Long. It's her newest fascination and if there's not a pacifier, bottle or spoon in her mouth, you can rest assured her hands will be in there.

She also loves to stand if you hold her up. She'd much rather stand all day then lay on her back and stare at the ceiling. She loves to sit supported. She is such the nosey little girl

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Debbie said...

I remember how she laughed when I was talking to Dave while I was holding her :)...love your little peanut too