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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Almost 5 months old...

That's right! Next Wednesday, Mia will be 5 months old! Where is the time going? My sweet girl is growing up right before my eyes! It seems to Drew and I that everyday she is discovering something new or doing something new.

Mia's new things in the past few weeks include:

- She can now sit in her bumbo seat without any help with her head

- She has mastered head control! No more wobbly head!

- She can also sit in between our legs as well

- She is becoming more verbal everyday. She's quite the susie talks a lot these days! She loves talking to her blue octopus

- She is sleeping longer stretches. (Now that I say this - she will prove me wrong!) She sleeps a good 6-7 hrs a night without waking up for a bottle

- She is drinking 5oz bottles

-  She is slowly starting to reach for things

- She still hates tummy time but now she sways from side to side - we feel rolling over is just around the corner!

- We have graduated into 0-3 and mostly just 3 month clothing and size 2 diapers!

And the big one?! We started baby food this week!! We had originally planned to hold off on baby food until she was 6 months, but since I am no longer able to breast feed, we made the decision to begin to introduce food to her.

This was day one of our test and as you can see, she was clearly interested in what her poppa was doing rather then eating. She did well though! We tried oatmeal cereal with some carrots and formula.

Now we're an eating machine! Carrots were a big hit on day 2 and then last night we introduced a fruit and went with bananas. Needless to say she gulped those bananas down!

We unofficially weighed her this morning on our scale and she came in at 10.2! Wow! We'll find out for real when we go back to the dr on the 6th of February!

Each new day is something new and fun for us with Mia! She's such a happy, good natured baby and we are truly blessed.

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